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Jager! [not shots]



Jagermeister.  Your favorite social lubricant or my next door neighbors’ dog?  I’ll let you decide.

All I can say is that I prefer Jager to feral cats any day.



Emotions come from deep, deep within.  Often our senses conjure these emotions from these depths.  Auditory, visual, savory or perhaps grazing a specific texture,  any sensory input can release a feeling that truly moves you.  Looking at this picture brings me back to another time.  I was calm, perched above the mighty Susquehanna as it meanders slowly through the glacier-scarred face of Pennsylvania.  The pastel streaked sky and warmth of the scene bring me home.

If I could be somewhere, it would be in this moment: warm, satiated and at ease.

Enjoy, please.


Welcome to Spring my friends.  Spring represents new beginnings, new seasons and warmer weather.  The sum of these parts equals traveling, skating, music, friends and tasty brews.

These photos capture our first skate trip of the season, encountering all the above, and then some.  From mad dashes against the clock to buy beer to lyrical battles late into the night; we could not have chosen a better destination than Pittsburgh. Enjoy the photos of us rolling around Pittsburgh, as far as the lyrical battles go, you’ll have to ask for those…

First Chair, Last Call

A reoccurring theme throughout our trip was to obtain “first chair.”  Often “last call” would inhibit this endeavor.  I believe this was one of the days where we made “first chair following lunch.”  Regardless, shred was about to begin and these two shots capture the crew’s mentality.  First chair is still first chair, even if it is after lunch.

[Enjoy the Photoshop]


Whistler/Blackcomb is a very very large place.  The biggest resort on the North American Continent.  After loosing my group in the abyss of Whistler/Blackcomb, i decided to hike the Blackcomb Glacier.  Pretty sure this glacier has been wearing down this valley for Billions of years so I could make a few turns down it.  Thanks big glacier, you’re awesome, keep up the great work.

Side Note: The bowl which the Blackcomb Glacier formed is known as “Spanky’s Bowl” 😉

1 800 Buds

This picture has a funny story behind it.  Part of the story relates to things which are 100% illegal in the state in which this blog is being published and are 100% legal in the country where this photo was taken.  I will therefore not go into details about the conversation which precluded this tasty air.  We hiked a ridge, met some skiers, and rode fresh powder.  Not much else to talk about.  Enjoy the view.