Goose Island: The Final Countdown

If  I could add crappy 8-bit versions of music to this website I would.  And for this post it would be a song by an entire CONTINENT…Europe – The Final Countdown.  Please click that before continuing.

The Final Countdown!

As we ventured further into the island it became apparent we would not make it out without confrontation.  The stage was set: the middle of an island, the opponents took their corners and this image was captured right AS the FINAL COUNTDOWN began.  Who will come out on top?  The gander versus the two confused looking kids in the picture?  If you have any type of common sense you know the answer considering im sitting here typing this post but YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!


2 responses to “Goose Island: The Final Countdown

  1. Reading that description with “Final Countdown” playing in the background was nothing short of epic.

  2. So who won? “Tomorrow”, as you so cliffhanger-ly (sp?) put it, was well over a week ago. Don’t you realize the #1 reason that bloggers lose readers is because of empty promises such as this one. I no longer strike an allegiance to your blog.

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