Goose Island: Happy Ending

Into the Sunset

This post is dedicated to Andrew Hauser, purveyor of all that is right with this world.  He pointed out a key fallacy in my series of blog posts titled ” Goose Island.” There was no ending.  You cannot get anything past Andrew Hauser, just like you cannot get anything past the Penguins goalie Fleury (the games on right now and there are actually two goals scored on him so this analogy is moot but funny if you don’t like the Pens).  A combination of events have caused my blog posting to go on hiatus but upon some inspiration from Andrew Hauser I have decided to close the book on the Goose Island Saga.

Here it is.

We kicked goose ass and kayaked off into the sunset.  Just like any great adventure ends; into the sunset…


One response to “Goose Island: Happy Ending

  1. Andrew Hauser

    YES!!! finally. The closure that I’ve been desperately awaiting. Almost as rewarding as watching gollum fall to his firey grave while grasping the ring.

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