30 West Mt. Joy St.


I graduated college a year ago.  However, the greater part of this past year I still had a strong connection with Elizabethtown: ex-girlfriends, best friends, old jobs and an old, green house.

The green house, built circa 1950 during the good-times after the second world war.  The house, standing fast for over a half-century, has proven itself as the perfect venue for good times and mild debauchery.  This green house saw many a drunken student peeing in its yard, throwing up on its shutters and passing out on its floors.  The past four years, I was right there with it and so were the people in this photo.  Sharing many moments on that very porch, this was one of the last moments of how it was and how it will never be again.  Like the movie the Sandlot, we all have gone our separate ways and will undoubtedly stay close, however, we will no longer have the pale green house, nestled at 30 W. Mt. Joy St. to house our social activities.

Farewell to you Green House.


2 responses to “30 West Mt. Joy St.

  1. Andrew Hauser

    Vaya con dios!

  2. Wow, that caption just brought a tear to my eye. I’m graduating this year so thinking about all the crazy shit that’s happened over the past four years and how much I’m going to miss it all makes me so sad. Oh, college life…

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