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"Ramblin' Gamblin Willy" Plays the Piano In Lancaster

Music builds community.  Many of my relationships formed or disintegrated as a result of music.

Music is an ether that connects and binds people.  As social beings we generally seek a common ground. When that common ground is music, voilà! a connection forms.  Connections build community and nothing beats community.

Lancaster City realizes this and does a great job promoting music within the community.  A few weekends ago, I spent all Sunday immersed in the musical scene offered by Lancaster city. Starting with a street festival, followed by some piano playing in the street and ending in a park with a free concert. I can think of no better way to spend each Sabbath than taking in some tunes and enjoying the company of my music loving gals and pals.

Enjoy the music friends.


House Rock

We are animals, we depend on mother nature to survive.  This is a simple, universally accepted fact.  Without “Mom” (a fun way to refer to mother nature) we could not do what we have done.  Unfortunately, many forget about the beauty of nature and instead spend time in more modern environments: suburbia, urban, digital and so on.

Escaping modernity and reconnecting with the outdoors liberates and enlightens.  This concept emerges throughout history and time: Henry David Thoreau did it in 1848, Christopher McCandless in 1992 and Adam Quinn in 2010.  (Okay so I have not completely escaped society, since I am in a café writing on a computer and uploading to the Internet.) I do appreciate the disconnect, if only it be a two-hour hike to a large rock in Southern Lancaster county every weekend.  Going off the grid and into the woods takes me back to a time of wilderness and exploration.

A favorite destination is House Rock (that’s whats carved into the rock), a large outcropping of rock that provides spectacular vistas of the meandering Susquehanna River 200 feet below.   The rock is part of the Conestoga Trail, a 63 mile trail meandering through Lancaster and York Counties.

Also enjoy some pics from the hike below.


I sit here in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. The time is 10:46 pm. My Train departs at 10:59pm. I will arrive in Lancaster around mid-night.  I am posting this blog because I have internet access.  Thank you 3oth Street Station for Internet access.  This is a picture of freedom.  A skateboarder who has connected with a corner of a box  while moving.  There is freedom in that simple act. IF you are not aware of the freedom you probably never experienced it.  I am sorry for you.  Skate on.

Side Note: These all take place in the WORLD’S OLDEST GOODYEAR DEALER. If Lancaster has nothing else, at least we have that.

Nose Grind with Steez

BackSide Crooked

Crooked Grind

Get Fuuuunky

Tail Slide

Tumultuous Skies

I would say my consistency of blog posting is on the same level as the Orioles’ ability to hit a baseball.  If you didn’t catch that, what I am saying is that I’m not very good at this blogging thing.  But like any professional team there is always a scapegoat and mine is the lack of internet in my household.  The lack of Internet forces me to spend more time in cafés.  Cafés in Lancaster translates to an over-exposure to dirty, level 8 hipsters.  Plus, the closest café to me doesn’t even have the best cappuccino in the city.  To get the best cappuccino I have to walk through the barrio and I am not ready to do that for cappuccino, just yet.

Now that I’ve passed the blame to other factors outside my control I can begin a typical ranting post.

I  enjoy all 4 seasons for different reasons: the colors and anticipation in the fall, the crisp mornings  and excitement of winter, sleeping during spring rains and the thunders of summer.  This picture captures the aftermath of a sky ravaged by a large thunderstorm.  Lingering somewhere between twilight and dusk, the illuminated sky beneath the dark clouds of the storm as it rolls through the hills of Central Pennsylvania.  Lighting brightens the corners of the storm and provides a reminder of what had just occurred.  I took this while enjoying that coolness thunderstorms leave in their wake, providing temporary humidity relief.  So this one is for those storms which make you just sit there and listen to the boom of the thunder and offer you a beautiful scene to enjoy after the tumult in the skies.