Tumultuous Skies

I would say my consistency of blog posting is on the same level as the Orioles’ ability to hit a baseball.  If you didn’t catch that, what I am saying is that I’m not very good at this blogging thing.  But like any professional team there is always a scapegoat and mine is the lack of internet in my household.  The lack of Internet forces me to spend more time in cafés.  Cafés in Lancaster translates to an over-exposure to dirty, level 8 hipsters.  Plus, the closest café to me doesn’t even have the best cappuccino in the city.  To get the best cappuccino I have to walk through the barrio and I am not ready to do that for cappuccino, just yet.

Now that I’ve passed the blame to other factors outside my control I can begin a typical ranting post.

I  enjoy all 4 seasons for different reasons: the colors and anticipation in the fall, the crisp mornings  and excitement of winter, sleeping during spring rains and the thunders of summer.  This picture captures the aftermath of a sky ravaged by a large thunderstorm.  Lingering somewhere between twilight and dusk, the illuminated sky beneath the dark clouds of the storm as it rolls through the hills of Central Pennsylvania.  Lighting brightens the corners of the storm and provides a reminder of what had just occurred.  I took this while enjoying that coolness thunderstorms leave in their wake, providing temporary humidity relief.  So this one is for those storms which make you just sit there and listen to the boom of the thunder and offer you a beautiful scene to enjoy after the tumult in the skies.


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