House Rock

We are animals, we depend on mother nature to survive.  This is a simple, universally accepted fact.  Without “Mom” (a fun way to refer to mother nature) we could not do what we have done.  Unfortunately, many forget about the beauty of nature and instead spend time in more modern environments: suburbia, urban, digital and so on.

Escaping modernity and reconnecting with the outdoors liberates and enlightens.  This concept emerges throughout history and time: Henry David Thoreau did it in 1848, Christopher McCandless in 1992 and Adam Quinn in 2010.  (Okay so I have not completely escaped society, since I am in a café writing on a computer and uploading to the Internet.) I do appreciate the disconnect, if only it be a two-hour hike to a large rock in Southern Lancaster county every weekend.  Going off the grid and into the woods takes me back to a time of wilderness and exploration.

A favorite destination is House Rock (that’s whats carved into the rock), a large outcropping of rock that provides spectacular vistas of the meandering Susquehanna River 200 feet below.   The rock is part of the Conestoga Trail, a 63 mile trail meandering through Lancaster and York Counties.

Also enjoy some pics from the hike below.


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