Monthly Archives: July 2010

God Bless America

One month ago, a few of US gathered in Philadelphia to watch our guys take on Turkey as part of the World Cup send off.  I can’t back this up but soccer’s popularity in the United States seems to be increasing. Or it may be  tailgating’s popularity which is increasing.  Either way, we donned the patriotic gear and went to Philly to drink, scream, and watch soccer with a bunch of other true Americans.



Hills, Heat & Burritos

I do not have any pictures of burritos. But you could probably just go and have one for your self at RobBurritos.  Actually, I shouldn’t say you could or you might but you better do it. It is an experience.  Also, there aren’t any pictures of the heat because that is tough to capture.  Gavin is pretty sweaty, that should give you an idea of how hot it is.  The hills, however, I captured (until my battery died).  Enjoy the brief glimpse into today’s cruise session and next time I will be sure to charge my camera.