Namaste My Friends

So for some reason my friends and I enjoy rolling down big hills on wooden planks.  I can’t explain why exactly this enjoyable. I can, however, relate this to the desires experienced to run, ride a bike, drive in a car fast, go sledding, roll down a hill or jump off a diving board.  Those inert stimulations that drive us to “do the dew.” These pictures depict yet another afternoon in search of hills.  These take place in and around York City and included police encounters, state parks, burritos and 70’s rock radio covers.  Be warned that these pictures will probably be featured as Joey Murphy’s Facebook picture within the next 15 minutes. Thanks for checking this out and Namaste to you my friend.


2 responses to “Namaste My Friends

  1. hood rat hood rat hoochie momma

  2. FYI> So far the picture of Gavin’s Nipple has the most views.

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