Abound Into Appalachia

I think Pennsylvanians lose sight of the beauty that our state offers. Take a look at a map sometime.  Those large swathes of dark green formed by massive, massive glaciers a long time ago.  Geologically, some pretty amazing shit happened to the soil under our feet.  This leads me to thoughts of the Appalachian Mountain range in its younger days.  Back when it was the largest on the planet. Appalachia is the antique mountain range.  An indicator of the cycle of life.  Mountains rise and mountains fall.  These thoughts bolster my deep admiration for Pennsylvania.  Along with things like the Susquehanna, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and of course Hanover.  Not to mention the uncharted (for me) territory North of South Central PA.  I guess what im trying to explain is why I feel the need to go out and walk the woods.  Last weekend, Daniel and I did just that.  Rushing to beat the darkness, we set up camp and awoke to walk the Appalachian Trail.  Only covering 10 miles,  an extreme hike it was not but that just leaves more for the future.

Enjoy the walk.


One response to “Abound Into Appalachia

  1. kathy zanti-quinn

    I enjoy reading your writings and love your pics. You so remind me of me! Your love of reading, writing( so much like Aunt Kim), photography and the great outdoors! I love your pics and now feel like going camping and hiking!
    love you adam!

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