Remember Me As A Time Of Day.

I borrowed this title from an Explosions in the Sky song.  These seven words bring to mind many feelings.  I think of morning and think of freshness, coffee, cereal, and my friends who I’ve spent many mornings with struggling through 8am classes.  Or I think of those friends I’ve consistently enjoyed dinner with. Then I think broader, to the season in which I spend with friends, family and lovers.  This title opens up a can of worms for thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Backed by the deep instrumentals of Explosions, I would label this one of the most aptly named titles of all time.

This leads me to this tree.  You can just taste the fall with this picture. A cold, wet, orange October night.  I do not know a person who dislikes this time of year. Those feelings we enjoy in Autumn bubble up when I see this photo. Brisk air, warm socks and wool caps.  Yes, the heat is on for a month or more but soon enough we can all chill.


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