RedWud, The Colosseum and Some Pig.

RedWud Rocks You

Saturday August 14th.  The day after Friday the 13th. The night Redwud filled the Colosseum with their music.   These are pictures from their 3 sets and a little in-between. Some old friends and good times and some good music.

I can remember first seeing RedWud play at our highschool dance.  We all crowded around the band as they rocked through hits of the early 2000’s.  I vividly remember a Limp Bizkit cover.  Thankfully, the Bizkit covers are over and RedWud now writes some rocking jams that are musically delicious.

They also played some sweet covers of the Black Keys, the Defttones and even a little nerd-rock Weezer.  RedWud groupie Gavin Sullivan filled me in that they will soon be releasing an EP.  So keep your ears open and get out to there shows, damnit!

Check out RedWud’s music here:


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