Folkin’ at the Philadelphia Folk Fest

I have spoken to the collective qualities of music often.  However, music’s power in uniting others still astounds me.  I’ve attend concerts and music festivals in the past. I’ve enjoyed music for a long time. Music is a part of my life.  All these came together last weekend at the Philadelphia Folk Fest.  Never before had I witnessed such a gathering. The Philadelphia Folk Fest has been held on the same farm for the past 49 years. This festival is one of the longest running today, talk about dedication.

Talk about entering a different world.  Immersed in that festival culture is like taking a step outside of reality, immersed  in something wholly unique and independent unto itself.  Granted I was there to publish pictures online to the outside world. Walking the grounds and speaking with the people there; we were all one in the same. Although this picture is one of my favorites I captured during the overall fest, there are many, many more stories that took place and evolved away from the stage. The hammocks in the grove, bathing in the river, the mini concerts throughout the campgrounds: these all are minor parts in a two-day festival that felt as if it lasted a week. I have experienced culture shock before but never such in a local and short-term setting.

I am still processing and sorting out what I experienced.  But one thing is certain I will continue enjoying the music.

I hope you do the same.


One response to “Folkin’ at the Philadelphia Folk Fest

  1. Thanks for covering the Folk Festival. I especially appreciate your take on the “togetherness” and community that one can experience at our Festival. It is truly magical.

    Thanks again and hope to see you next year at the 50th Annual.

    Levi Landis
    Executive Director,
    Philadelphia Folk Festival

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