Halloween at the Meet Locker 2010

Thanks to everyone for a great time at the Meat Locker.   A few stats on the shin dig:


  • Collectively we drank approxiametly 300 Beers, 3 Handles of Liquor, One 4Loco, 3 cans of frozen juice concentrate and 2 bottles of Giant Branded Tonic Water.
  • We chowed down on 3 bags of tortilla chips, 5 carrots, 3 celery stalks, and one container of veggie dip.
  • There were around 40-5o people in attendance

Another fun aspect of big parties is the amount stuff people leave behind.  Here is a break down of some things I’ve found:


  • One blind man’s cane
  • One bottle of SPF 60 sunscreen
  • One Gap Jacket
  • One Resume
  • One Bag of Cheetos
  • One air pump for a fat man’s suit
  • a random glove

Stay tuned for the next party which will be “Christmess at the Meetlocker.” Can you say Bad Santa themed?


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