Lancaster’s Greist Building

Behold, the pillar of Lancaster: The Greist Building.  This “sky scraper”, 14 stories of granite, limestone, terra-cotta, synthetics and asphalt, stands, vigilant over the farmlands of Lancaster County.  The second tallest building in Lancaster, behind the new Lancaster County Convention Center, serves many purposes: offices,  cell phone tower and frequent bird hangout.

The cream color of the building becomes very photo genetic as the sun sets.  The sun’s setting rays light the building up to a vibrant gold. Contrasted with the deep blue of twilight, the building is extremely photogenic.  On this particular day, swarms of birds were circling the upper stories of the Greist building.  Although the Greist building is not much of a sky scraper, it’s a fundamental part of Lancaster and deserves praise from all. Enjoy.


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