Lahncastah: Say It Right or Pay The Price

Old things are pretty neat. You must agree.  I am sure you would also agree that old cities are even neater than old things.  Progress and time blend the new within the old.  Lancaster, the oldest inland city of America, hosts a blend of new and old architecture.

I am teasing you with images from my afternoon walk with the Nance through Lancaster City this Fall.  I will develop a full-blow, print-it-out-and-hang-it-on-your-wall-it-is-so-good post for later postage.  Until now, let the images enjoy.

Built in 10 hrs on a bet between builders, this is the  narrowest house in Lancaster.  Surprisingly, while walking by, it’s occupants noticed us and invited us in.  I must say, for 10 hours, the builders did a fine job.

This is the former residence of Milton Hershey. It is currently the residence of someone who deals drugs judging by the car outside this tiny abode. Maybe I should stop being so judgmental.

Be on the lookout for the rest of the fine houses encountered while strolling throughout Lancaster and remember to recycle your detritus material.


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