Toe Slide.

I am extremely pleased with this picture.

Battling 95 degree temperatures, blanketing humidity, and what was left of a post-wedding hangover we returned to the hills of one of the richer neighborhoods in York, PA.  After a few downhill runs through the wooden neighborhood, we settled on this patch of pavement.  In a setting sun EJ Murph nailed this textbook toeside slide.  Take note kids: his shoulders are aligned with the slope of the hill; his head looking down hill, his front leg extended while the back leg styas flexed, controlling the slide; and of course, just a lil steeze with 1 years worth of red curly hair and a lil hand toss, waving to his fans.

For the photographers: I used my Canon XSi with a Canon 50mm at f/1.8 with an exposure time of 1/200.  It was around 6:45pm, providing excellent golden lighting to bring out the fire in Ed’s hair, haha.


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