Vintage: Long Arm Dam – Hanover, PA.

I captured these exposures using an old Kodak DuaFlex IV camera my Grand Father gave me a few years ago.  Kodak dis-continued production of the DuaFlex in 1960.  The camera has two exposure settings  – short and long; the focus is fixed and the view finder is a clunky piece of glass on the top.

The simplicity of the Duaflex draws me in.  I can’t get too fancy because there is nothing to get fancy about.  All you can do is frame the shot, give a good guess about exposure and snap the photo.

It has taken me sometime to gather these exposures and figure out how to use the vintage TLR camera. I snapped the 24 exposure roll back in August and today I am finally seeing the results. The black squiggly worm-like lines are little specks of dust that clung to the film.  Apparently, I charged the film while transferring it from roll to roll.  I think they add to the exposures, with the one they even look like a murder of crows.

To make these exposures happen I had to undergo the following steps:

  • Purchase 120 film
  • The camera’s standard film is 620, which is no longer in production, so I had to transfer to a new spool (hence the dust).
  • Go to the dam
  • Take the pictures with no light meter and nothing more than my better judgement
  • Move to Burlington where I could find a camera shop to process the film
  • Ask them to process the photos to a DVD
  • Upload and resize the photos on my dated laptop while in a café eating a sandwich.
  • Write this post
  • Push Publish.

Sorry, I went a little a little over-board.  Anyway, enjoy the 6 pictures that sort of turned out from the 24. I bought two more rolls with hopes of improvement. I am thinking I’ll get some mountain shots this time.


One response to “Vintage: Long Arm Dam – Hanover, PA.

  1. These are great, Adam! Can’t wait to see what comes of your next few rolls now that you’ve gotten a (somewhat painstaking) workflow method in place

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