I will be thankful of you clicking this link.

Each year we give thanks for the things that are important to us. We all know this is the basis for Thanksgiving. Most people give shout outs to their friends and family ā€“ I feel these shouts are something that goes without saying.

To avoid the banality of such a proclamation I have listed ten things that I truly am thankful for. Each unit of thanks plays a major role in things that I am passionate about.

Now, don’t think I am some sort of misanthrope with no friends or family. I love my family and friends above all else. After that then you have these ten things:

1. The Hydrogen Cycle

This is probably the most important thing in my life and yours. If you’ve ever admired a mountain or looked down into a canyon, you have to thank the hydrogen cycle. Oh, and not to mention this is the reason for SNOW, ’nuff said.

2. Friction

Without friction I couldn’t run, bike, skateboard, drive a car, sit on a chair, sit a glass on a table or really do anything else without sliding uncontrollably through life.

3. Fermentation

Let’s give it up to yeast for liking sugar and pooping alcohol.

4. Baseball

The greatest game ever played.

5. Audio frequencies

Makes music possible.

6. Photosynthesis

I love vegetables and other plants.

7. Silver Halide Crystals

Allows us to capture light.

8. Adrenaline

Who doesn’t like a good heart-racing moment?

9. Asphalt

Hint: I am not thankful for asphalt because I can drive my car on it.

10. The Earth’s tilt

Tis the seasons.


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