Monthly Archives: December 2011

I finally shaved.

The month of November is well over.  Snow is falling.  I shaved for the first time in 40 days. I did trim during that time, though. Another year of not shaving for a full month hoping for a full beard by December failed.

Alas, perhaps next year I’ll achieve grizzly adams status.  For now, I’ll just be clean-shaven.

Below are the fruits of my labor or lack thereof – not shaving is much easier than shaving.



Happy Repeal Day

78 years ago today Congress passed the 21st amendment repealing prohibition.  An interesting fact about the amendment ending prohibition: it is the only amendment to use state conventions for ratification and not the typical ratification by state legislator.

Without the 21st amendment the plant pictured here would be as illegal marijuana. I still can’t get over our ability to make a plant worth of a criminal offense.  Can you?

Today I had a Magic Hat Circus Boy to celebrate.  What did you sip on repeal day?