Why aren’t you Jibbing?

Happy 2012

I opened up a new year with snow, fire, Yeungling, and a bunch of people who enjoy throwing themselves at things with boards strapped to their feet. I tried to capture the night with my camera.  Unfortunately, many of the shots did not turn out as planned. My camera shifted on the tripod and missed most of the tricks being thrown down on the door to tree wall ride.

I also missed the entire session on the tire bonk.  Some highlights from memory include a skier sticking his skis in the tire and flipping over it; a snowboarder putting on skis and doing a 180 over it; and a bunch of other people just throwing themselves over the damn thing.

The last big throwdown occurred on a 8 ft up rail to big drop.  I did capture some of the things being put down on this rail and damn they were awesome.  Hopefully we will all be back soon to do some more sideways slidin’.

Enjoy the new year, but first, enjoy the rest of these pictures.


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