Monthly Archives: July 2012


Doors Are Opening

This is the entrance time lapse I took of the Stray Birds’ Herrbrook Session. Calling it the Herrbrook Session implies there will be more than one. So far this is the first. Let’s hope there are more to come.

Cut 1: The Stray Birds at Herrbrook from Adam Quinn on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the Stray Birds’ “Railroad Man” music video by Jacob Keeler


Summer Shred in Lanc-Lanc

I ’bout ‘magine when you can’t remember your blog’s password, you haven’t been posting enough.  I’ve built up a supply of images to process and share with you all at once.  Get ready, one day I’ll get around to posting everything.

Been spending lots of time playing with my fixed 16mm and an intervalometer.  I’ve also been working crazy hours and commuting a lot.  So when the time arises, I tend to spend it running around outside doing things like skateboarding concrete bowls.