Two weeks ago, my friend Jake and I attended the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  This marked my second trip to Scwhenksville, PA for the three-day hootenanny and Jake’s first.

You can read more about the festival on Tri State Indie.  I wrote a few posts about The Folk Festival Friday, Saturday Afternoon’s Woody Guthrie Tribute and what it’s like to Folk all Saturday night at the Folk Fest.  Also,  you’ll find more photos from the fest there.

Friday night I captured a few photos that triggered the ‘wow, this is a sweet picture’ voice in my head.  Thunderstorms produced some lightning flashes behind the stage of the festival.  While the Celtic dance band, Comas picked away, I was trying to get another bolt of lightning on film (well, CCD film). I succeeded.  Here are the results:

Folk Fest Ligning

Lightning strikes in the distance as Comas plays.


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