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Down On The Farm

High school. I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes North of Baltimore. When people began leaving the cities – Baltimore, York, Harrisburg, Lancaster – Hanover made sense to start new families. The town is an hour from all these metros and nestled in a rural area of Southern PA and Northern MD. This left a good blend of the ‘burbs and the country.

A good friend of mine in highschool owned a farm. On his farm we spent many nights around fires in the field or on the front steps of the barn. This night, for whatever reason, we spent in the woods cutting down a tree. Luckily, I had my camera in tow.

chopping down a tree

20070409-DSC_0066Victory Pose Not Just for Males Yep


Christmas Skate

Kick Turn

Holidays bring us all together.  As I get older, it seems I only see my friends on select holidaze.  Christmas typically brings a snowboarding session full of roast beef grabs.

This year, however, the warm temps only allowed a concrete bowl session at Reid Menzer Memorial Park. Both are enjoyable, albeit I’d rather be shredding.  These are a few quick shots I snapped Joey Murphy riding the concrete wave.