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South Central PA Climbing

Pennsylvania is a huge state.  Residents of Philadelphia live in Philadelphia county, which is .31% of the state of Pennsylvania.  That leaves about 45,913 square feet of land left to explore.

A few weeks back, some friends and myself ventured west to pedal our mountain bikes around Rays Town Lake.  On our way out of town, we found some rocks to climb up.

Shaffer Rock – The Hermitage

Our first stop, Shaffer Rock , lies just off the Appalachian Trail in the Michaux State Forest.   Some many options here and tons of great photo opportunities.  The shots below are a sequence of Len sending it.
Shaffer Rock-475

James Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park

If you didn’t know, now you know: America’s worst president has a state park commemorating his birthplace.  Rumor has it the route we climbed was actually climbed by young Jimmy a long, long time ago.  This is Joe sacking up before paying tribute to James Buchanan by slaying this rock face.

James Buchanan Birthplace-477

Some More Photos

Shaffer Rock-416 Shaffer Rock-421 Shaffer Rock-424 Shaffer Rock-438 Shaffer Rock-439 Shaffer Rock-471 Shaffer Rock-473 Shaffer Rock-474


El Fin


El fin, or the end, (for those who don’t understand foreign languages) implies a linear progression.  I don’t think of life as linear.  Therefore, I don’t think of life’s experiences as linear.  Yes, things begin that may not have existed before.  But, let’s get cosmic for a second: do experiences ever really end?

Snow falls, piles up, then it melts – it’s the hydrogen cycle baby! During the 3rd step of the cycle, evaporation, snowboarders go back to riding skateboards, swinging golf clubs, pedaling bikes, eating burritos, folkin’, and so on; but, the thoughts of last season always linger. Piling up like the snow did  last fall.  As seasons go by the end gets easier.  Perhaps that’s because it seems to occur later and later into the Spring as I squeeze every last drop from Winter.  In 2012, April 28 marked my final day strapping on a snowboard. In 2013, my final day was April 20th.

After 15 years of sliding sideways, I am growing more and more okay with the end.  Of course I always look forward to Winter and shredding,  but I rest assured knowing Winter will return, global warming or not. I’m done with whining about it being “over.”  Because it is not over. We’re just fasting.

So with this idea in mind I wrote this post as a tribute to my final indulgence before a 7-month fast from sliding sideways.

A brief summation of my final shred-session this season: a trip to Tuckerman’s Ravine:

– Leave Friday and climb a real rock for the first time. Camp in the backyard of a dude who had an elk rack on his house. Dude enjoys wine and climbing – both in equal excess.  His girlfriend  teaches outdoorsy stuff at a catholic, all-female college in Massachusetts.  She has 5  students visiting this same weekend.  The first thing she tells us is that they are all devote christians.

– Awake Saturday and found a great deal on bagels – eat 6 bagels all day.

– Begin hike up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail at 8am.  Use the splitboard and make it  up the 2.5 trail in 1:45:00.

– Wicked thaw – freeze cycle has turned the ravine into bullet-proof ice; we hike up anyway.  Make 2 turns and slide down 300 ft on my ass.  Proceed to hang out in bowl with snow-margaritas, bourbon and other stuff. Have a fun, safe ride down the Sherburne trail on corn snow.

– Go to a parking lot somewhere in the Whites to cook fish, venison and sausage. Also, drink more bourbon.

-Fall asleep, wake up, check out a local crag, and drive home to a 70F Philadelphia.

And so, the fast has begun.

Down On The Farm

High school. I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes North of Baltimore. When people began leaving the cities – Baltimore, York, Harrisburg, Lancaster – Hanover made sense to start new families. The town is an hour from all these metros and nestled in a rural area of Southern PA and Northern MD. This left a good blend of the ‘burbs and the country.

A good friend of mine in highschool owned a farm. On his farm we spent many nights around fires in the field or on the front steps of the barn. This night, for whatever reason, we spent in the woods cutting down a tree. Luckily, I had my camera in tow.

chopping down a tree

20070409-DSC_0066Victory Pose Not Just for Males Yep


Black and White Philadelphia Skyline

Black and White Philadelphia Skyline

The roads that flow in out and of cities remind me of veins and arteries. The incoming vehicles’ white headlights and outgoing vehicles’ red tail lights are like little platelets flowing in and out of the city.  These platelets carry us – the lifeblood of the cities – to and fro each day.  We, the people, keep our villages, towns and cities alive and glowing through the night.

I recently migrated to city pictured above, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So far –after 1 month of residence – the only thing I’ve figured out is that our circulatory system is a metaphor for city traffic patterns. Stay tuned for the next grand revelation in my next post.

Lancaster or Lancaster?

Want to start this one with SPAM.

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If I am making $0 now, 50x is not that much more. Enjoy the pictures of Lancaster County, just outside Conestoga.

Black and White Lancaster Farm and Sky

Farm, Pink Sky, Blue Sky with Big Cloud

This one is unedited:Farm, Pink Clouds and Blue Sky

And this crappy photo is where I lived: Herrbrook Farm:

Herrbrook Farm


Doors Are Opening

This is the entrance time lapse I took of the Stray Birds’ Herrbrook Session. Calling it the Herrbrook Session implies there will be more than one. So far this is the first. Let’s hope there are more to come.

Cut 1: The Stray Birds at Herrbrook from Adam Quinn on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the Stray Birds’ “Railroad Man” music video by Jacob Keeler

Summer Shred in Lanc-Lanc

I ’bout ‘magine when you can’t remember your blog’s password, you haven’t been posting enough.  I’ve built up a supply of images to process and share with you all at once.  Get ready, one day I’ll get around to posting everything.

Been spending lots of time playing with my fixed 16mm and an intervalometer.  I’ve also been working crazy hours and commuting a lot.  So when the time arises, I tend to spend it running around outside doing things like skateboarding concrete bowls.