Escaping the City

AQ Self Portrait

I moved away from the mountains.  For concrete.  What, the fuck, Adam?

These thought crosses my mind on occasion. LIke the time I saw a dude crap his pants on the sidewalk.  My bike tire was flat, forcing me to push the bike the four miles home.  Along the way, I pass this dude laying on the concrete covered in his own shit.  That never happened in Vermont.

After 2.5 months in the concrete jungle I had to escape or I’d freak.  So I did.  I managed to squeeze in a few pictures between 14.5 hours of driving, about 12 hours of sleeping, a few beers, 2 hours of hiking, great burritos with even better friends.  All of whom, I may add have moved out of Stowe to the cities: Boston, Burlington, New York and ‘illadelphia.  We converged on Taylor to forget the concrete and sit among the trees.

The Taylor Lodge sits along the Nebraska Notch, perched above beaver damns and the Nebraska Valley.  This lodge has some history, burning down 3 times over the past 4 or 5 decades.  I have an odd connection with this particular lodge. Frank Cain stayed here in 1963.  I know because his name Frank Cain etched his name into the wall in 1963(see below).  I lived in Frank Cain’s house this past winter.  Frank Cain presided over Burlington, VT’s urban renewal projects from 1965-1971.  He and I have slept in two of the same places: the Taylor Lodge and 1600 Weeks Hill Rd in Stowe, VT 05672. Enough about Frank Cain, here are the shots.

Frank Cain 1963 Taylor Lodge



Black and White Philadelphia Skyline

Black and White Philadelphia Skyline

The roads that flow in out and of cities remind me of veins and arteries. The incoming vehicles’ white headlights and outgoing vehicles’ red tail lights are like little platelets flowing in and out of the city.  These platelets carry us – the lifeblood of the cities – to and fro each day.  We, the people, keep our villages, towns and cities alive and glowing through the night.

I recently migrated to city pictured above, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So far –after 1 month of residence – the only thing I’ve figured out is that our circulatory system is a metaphor for city traffic patterns. Stay tuned for the next grand revelation in my next post.


Two weeks ago, my friend Jake and I attended the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  This marked my second trip to Scwhenksville, PA for the three-day hootenanny and Jake’s first.

You can read more about the festival on Tri State Indie.  I wrote a few posts about The Folk Festival Friday, Saturday Afternoon’s Woody Guthrie Tribute and what it’s like to Folk all Saturday night at the Folk Fest.  Also,  you’ll find more photos from the fest there.

Friday night I captured a few photos that triggered the ‘wow, this is a sweet picture’ voice in my head.  Thunderstorms produced some lightning flashes behind the stage of the festival.  While the Celtic dance band, Comas picked away, I was trying to get another bolt of lightning on film (well, CCD film). I succeeded.  Here are the results:

Folk Fest Ligning

Lightning strikes in the distance as Comas plays.

Lancaster or Lancaster?

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If I am making $0 now, 50x is not that much more. Enjoy the pictures of Lancaster County, just outside Conestoga.

Black and White Lancaster Farm and Sky

Farm, Pink Sky, Blue Sky with Big Cloud

This one is unedited:Farm, Pink Clouds and Blue Sky

And this crappy photo is where I lived: Herrbrook Farm:

Herrbrook Farm

Portrait Lapse

I am playing around with adding motion to portraits. Let me know what you think.

Me in the Corn from Adam Quinn on Vimeo.

Lightning Bolt

Ever since I can remember using a camera I have wanted to capture a bolt of lightning.  Well, tonight I captured my first lightning bolt on ‘film.’

There was a big ole cloud floating over the farm fields of Lancaster, producing no rain and seemingly moving away from Herrbrook farm.  IT provided the perfect vantage point to set up and snap away sometime exposures.  As elusive as this was, I got this shot while testing out exposure times.  This was probably my 5th shot and halfway into my 1:15 exposure the cloud erupted. I sat there, barely able to wait for the shutter to close so I could see what the shot looked like.

Here it is what it looks like:

Lightning Bolt


Doors Are Opening

This is the entrance time lapse I took of the Stray Birds’ Herrbrook Session. Calling it the Herrbrook Session implies there will be more than one. So far this is the first. Let’s hope there are more to come.

Cut 1: The Stray Birds at Herrbrook from Adam Quinn on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the Stray Birds’ “Railroad Man” music video by Jacob Keeler