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Escaping the City

AQ Self Portrait

I moved away from the mountains.  For concrete.  What, the fuck, Adam?

These thought crosses my mind on occasion. LIke the time I saw a dude crap his pants on the sidewalk.  My bike tire was flat, forcing me to push the bike the four miles home.  Along the way, I pass this dude laying on the concrete covered in his own shit.  That never happened in Vermont.

After 2.5 months in the concrete jungle I had to escape or I’d freak.  So I did.  I managed to squeeze in a few pictures between 14.5 hours of driving, about 12 hours of sleeping, a few beers, 2 hours of hiking, great burritos with even better friends.  All of whom, I may add have moved out of Stowe to the cities: Boston, Burlington, New York and ‘illadelphia.  We converged on Taylor to forget the concrete and sit among the trees.

The Taylor Lodge sits along the Nebraska Notch, perched above beaver damns and the Nebraska Valley.  This lodge has some history, burning down 3 times over the past 4 or 5 decades.  I have an odd connection with this particular lodge. Frank Cain stayed here in 1963.  I know because his name Frank Cain etched his name into the wall in 1963(see below).  I lived in Frank Cain’s house this past winter.  Frank Cain presided over Burlington, VT’s urban renewal projects from 1965-1971.  He and I have slept in two of the same places: the Taylor Lodge and 1600 Weeks Hill Rd in Stowe, VT 05672. Enough about Frank Cain, here are the shots.

Frank Cain 1963 Taylor Lodge



Heat: the main theme of Central Pennsylvania this week.  Thankfully as I compose this, the skies have opened and the rain is breaking the heat wave.  The 90 degree temperatures really had me confused this week. Wasn’t it dumping snow on us a little more than 2 weeks, well maybe 2 months ago.  Maybe time has just sped up.  Alls I gotta say is that I prefer the snow any day of the week, even on Tuesdays.

So in honor of the heat I am posting a picture taken over the winter.  A particularly happy picture of someone so excited about the snow that he is having a “Snow-a-bration”  Hence the title if you didn’t understand at first.  If you took the time to read this post, thank you.

Heres to more snow-a-brations in the near future[near as in 9months]