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Christmas Skate

Kick Turn

Holidays bring us all together.  As I get older, it seems I only see my friends on select holidaze.  Christmas typically brings a snowboarding session full of roast beef grabs.

This year, however, the warm temps only allowed a concrete bowl session at Reid Menzer Memorial Park. Both are enjoyable, albeit I’d rather be shredding.  These are a few quick shots I snapped Joey Murphy riding the concrete wave.


Skateboarding. A major influencer for me and the ultimate drive behind this photo.  This picture is the result of a fall skate session around the streets of Etown.  Cool weather, gray skys and some big ollies, like this one.  Many a afternoons were spent similar to this one, cruising the asphalt in Elizabethtown, looking for things to jump off or hills to roll down.  This image captures one moment within the sum of those experiences — skating, college, Elizabethtown, friends, and flying, if only for a moment.