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Christmas Skate

Kick Turn

Holidays bring us all together.  As I get older, it seems I only see my friends on select holidaze.  Christmas typically brings a snowboarding session full of roast beef grabs.

This year, however, the warm temps only allowed a concrete bowl session at Reid Menzer Memorial Park. Both are enjoyable, albeit I’d rather be shredding.  These are a few quick shots I snapped Joey Murphy riding the concrete wave.


Hills, Heat & Burritos

I do not have any pictures of burritos. But you could probably just go and have one for your self at RobBurritos.  Actually, I shouldn’t say you could or you might but you better do it. It is an experience.  Also, there aren’t any pictures of the heat because that is tough to capture.  Gavin is pretty sweaty, that should give you an idea of how hot it is.  The hills, however, I captured (until my battery died).  Enjoy the brief glimpse into today’s cruise session and next time I will be sure to charge my camera.