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Old Hanover Road

After 15 minutes of searching Google for this road’s history, I came up short.  This only adds to the allure of Old Hanover Road and it’s attractive set of curves. One would imagine, in the not to distance past, this road was simply referred to has Hanover Road.  Connecting the bustling snack-fed metropolis of Hanover with York County’s major city-center, York, PA.  With PA 116’s construction, Old Hanover Road has slowly faded from Hanoverian’s minds.

However, a privleged few are rediscovering Old Hanover Road.  Not simply for its more scenic route, or its avoidance of PA 116’s traffic but for the set of curves you see above.  A driving enthusiasts dream: slight pitch into a double-S curve that exits into a wide up hill curve on both sides.  Handled properly, these curves can be taken at 60mph+ speeds.  Highly visible, drivers may let loose early without fear of oncoming traffic.,-76.921034&spn=0,0&t=h&vpsrc=1&output=embed
View Old Hanover Road curves in a larger map

If you dig speed and curves, I suggest you give Old Hanover  Road a chance on your next trip from York to Hanover or from Hanover to York.

Scene kids be warned:

two miles from the curves, a vicious rail road crossing awaits to bite off your oil pans.