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Golf: An Unemployed Individual’s Best Friend

A wise man once stated “golf is a good walk, ruined.”  I contest that golf is an actually a more entertaining way to walk around – or in our case, drive around.  Considering the alternatives for 3:00pm on a Monday – work, school, physical labor, chores, cleaning – golf becomes even more appealing.

Many do understand the joy of golfing.  And, if you don’t get it now, you probably never will.  But, if you do get it, you will appreciate these pictures.  For golf will always be one of mans’ greatest sports: providing internal satisfaction while challenging the limits of our physical abilities.  So this ones for golf and the pursuit of those shots that always keep you coming back.

“Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at them.”

~Jimmy Demaret



I still have winter on my mind.  Last winter Jake and I were “stranded” due to snow. In exchange for busting our butts getting to the office we walked around Lancaster; enjoyed some coffee and bagels at Chestnut Hill; and took pictures with inanimate snow-objects.  Talk about a great way to spend a morning. Currently I spend my morning sweating; I do love Pennsylvania’s humid climate.

Edge Boardshop Shred Contest

These are photos I am entering in Edge Boardshop’s shred contest. So far the one of Joey doing a Toe Slide (featured as an earlier post in my blog) is on the Edge site & their Facebook page(the link above takes you there). The winner of the contest has their photo published in Concrete Wave! Keep your fingers crossed & Cheers!

Spring, Into Summer; Blues

The spring time is not a friendly time; snowboarders must deal with the withdraw of wintertime fun.  Today I had a brief relapse of my wintertime good times.  So I did the logical thing: threw on some winter-inspired tunes and looked at some photos from past winters.  Due to my photo habits – I take pictures; throw them on my computer; leaving them there forever – I had not revisited any images from this past winter.  What you have below is not just a revealing of some of the antics from Winter 2011; it is much more, so much that the best way to explain it is to show you what happens when you mix snow, beer, liquor, a backyard snowboard park, cool pads, odd costumes and a bunch of snowboarders…


Toe Slide.

I am extremely pleased with this picture.

Battling 95 degree temperatures, blanketing humidity, and what was left of a post-wedding hangover we returned to the hills of one of the richer neighborhoods in York, PA.  After a few downhill runs through the wooden neighborhood, we settled on this patch of pavement.  In a setting sun EJ Murph nailed this textbook toeside slide.  Take note kids: his shoulders are aligned with the slope of the hill; his head looking down hill, his front leg extended while the back leg styas flexed, controlling the slide; and of course, just a lil steeze with 1 years worth of red curly hair and a lil hand toss, waving to his fans.

For the photographers: I used my Canon XSi with a Canon 50mm at f/1.8 with an exposure time of 1/200.  It was around 6:45pm, providing excellent golden lighting to bring out the fire in Ed’s hair, haha.