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Folkin’ at the Philadelphia Folk Fest

I have spoken to the collective qualities of music often.  However, music’s power in uniting others still astounds me.  I’ve attend concerts and music festivals in the past. I’ve enjoyed music for a long time. Music is a part of my life.  All these came together last weekend at the Philadelphia Folk Fest.  Never before had I witnessed such a gathering. The Philadelphia Folk Fest has been held on the same farm for the past 49 years. This festival is one of the longest running today, talk about dedication.

Talk about entering a different world.  Immersed in that festival culture is like taking a step outside of reality, immersed  in something wholly unique and independent unto itself.  Granted I was there to publish pictures online to the outside world. Walking the grounds and speaking with the people there; we were all one in the same. Although this picture is one of my favorites I captured during the overall fest, there are many, many more stories that took place and evolved away from the stage. The hammocks in the grove, bathing in the river, the mini concerts throughout the campgrounds: these all are minor parts in a two-day festival that felt as if it lasted a week. I have experienced culture shock before but never such in a local and short-term setting.

I am still processing and sorting out what I experienced.  But one thing is certain I will continue enjoying the music.

I hope you do the same.


RedWud, The Colosseum and Some Pig.

RedWud Rocks You

Saturday August 14th.  The day after Friday the 13th. The night Redwud filled the Colosseum with their music.   These are pictures from their 3 sets and a little in-between. Some old friends and good times and some good music.

I can remember first seeing RedWud play at our highschool dance.  We all crowded around the band as they rocked through hits of the early 2000’s.  I vividly remember a Limp Bizkit cover.  Thankfully, the Bizkit covers are over and RedWud now writes some rocking jams that are musically delicious.

They also played some sweet covers of the Black Keys, the Defttones and even a little nerd-rock Weezer.  RedWud groupie Gavin Sullivan filled me in that they will soon be releasing an EP.  So keep your ears open and get out to there shows, damnit!

Check out RedWud’s music here:

Remember Me As A Time Of Day.

I borrowed this title from an Explosions in the Sky song.  These seven words bring to mind many feelings.  I think of morning and think of freshness, coffee, cereal, and my friends who I’ve spent many mornings with struggling through 8am classes.  Or I think of those friends I’ve consistently enjoyed dinner with. Then I think broader, to the season in which I spend with friends, family and lovers.  This title opens up a can of worms for thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Backed by the deep instrumentals of Explosions, I would label this one of the most aptly named titles of all time.

This leads me to this tree.  You can just taste the fall with this picture. A cold, wet, orange October night.  I do not know a person who dislikes this time of year. Those feelings we enjoy in Autumn bubble up when I see this photo. Brisk air, warm socks and wool caps.  Yes, the heat is on for a month or more but soon enough we can all chill.

Abound Into Appalachia

I think Pennsylvanians lose sight of the beauty that our state offers. Take a look at a map sometime.  Those large swathes of dark green formed by massive, massive glaciers a long time ago.  Geologically, some pretty amazing shit happened to the soil under our feet.  This leads me to thoughts of the Appalachian Mountain range in its younger days.  Back when it was the largest on the planet. Appalachia is the antique mountain range.  An indicator of the cycle of life.  Mountains rise and mountains fall.  These thoughts bolster my deep admiration for Pennsylvania.  Along with things like the Susquehanna, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and of course Hanover.  Not to mention the uncharted (for me) territory North of South Central PA.  I guess what im trying to explain is why I feel the need to go out and walk the woods.  Last weekend, Daniel and I did just that.  Rushing to beat the darkness, we set up camp and awoke to walk the Appalachian Trail.  Only covering 10 miles,  an extreme hike it was not but that just leaves more for the future.

Enjoy the walk.

Namaste My Friends

So for some reason my friends and I enjoy rolling down big hills on wooden planks.  I can’t explain why exactly this enjoyable. I can, however, relate this to the desires experienced to run, ride a bike, drive in a car fast, go sledding, roll down a hill or jump off a diving board.  Those inert stimulations that drive us to “do the dew.” These pictures depict yet another afternoon in search of hills.  These take place in and around York City and included police encounters, state parks, burritos and 70’s rock radio covers.  Be warned that these pictures will probably be featured as Joey Murphy’s Facebook picture within the next 15 minutes. Thanks for checking this out and Namaste to you my friend.