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The Stand Still

Lights flying through darkness.  Lights illuminating the stagnant night.  Could there be a better juxtaposition or frustration?  Stuck in traffic, watching the others reach their destination.  You must wait, unknowingly, for a new chance at movement.  Each passing car stabs at your patience, dwindling it down, down, down.

Traffic is a testing experience; unless you have a camera.


Goose Island: The Final Countdown

If  I could add crappy 8-bit versions of music to this website I would.  And for this post it would be a song by an entire CONTINENT…Europe – The Final Countdown.  Please click that before continuing.

The Final Countdown!

As we ventured further into the island it became apparent we would not make it out without confrontation.  The stage was set: the middle of an island, the opponents took their corners and this image was captured right AS the FINAL COUNTDOWN began.  Who will come out on top?  The gander versus the two confused looking kids in the picture?  If you have any type of common sense you know the answer considering im sitting here typing this post but YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!

Goose Island: danger

pissed off momma goose

Not long after “landing” the kayakers discovered where the island received its name.  Scattered throughout the under brush– angry, hissing, mad momma-geese.  Suddenly the quiet Easter Saturday kayak session turned into a survival experience, which if made into a reality TV drama, would have existed somewhere between the first season of Survivor and Wife Swap.  Driven from the shoreline, the kayakers pressed on into dangerous geese infested island… what lay ahead?

Goose Island: the landing

Goose Island


Following a long and treacherous journey of 12 nautical miles the kayakers reached their destination: Goose Island.  The journey over top Lake Marburg was far from incident free: tipped paddle boats due to poor weight distribution, high winds and mild confusion.  Never-the-less the kayakers prevailed, landing on Goose Island.  Emotions ran high from the passage and unchartered lands which lay at their feet.  One left in contemplation, one just a little cold and one scoping out the scene; the weary travelers planned their next move…


Heat: the main theme of Central Pennsylvania this week.  Thankfully as I compose this, the skies have opened and the rain is breaking the heat wave.  The 90 degree temperatures really had me confused this week. Wasn’t it dumping snow on us a little more than 2 weeks, well maybe 2 months ago.  Maybe time has just sped up.  Alls I gotta say is that I prefer the snow any day of the week, even on Tuesdays.

So in honor of the heat I am posting a picture taken over the winter.  A particularly happy picture of someone so excited about the snow that he is having a “Snow-a-bration”  Hence the title if you didn’t understand at first.  If you took the time to read this post, thank you.

Heres to more snow-a-brations in the near future[near as in 9months]