Monthly Archives: February 2010


I do not understand cats.  I am not a cat person.  Cats visibly calculate their situation.  I don’t appreciate that from a cat.  Go be clever somewhere else, cat.

Like the bathroom sink.  What happens when I need to wash my hands cat?  You get wet.  Sucker.  Stupid Cat.

Sorry for the rant about cats.  I am sure your cat is very nice.


Skateboarding. A major influencer for me and the ultimate drive behind this photo.  This picture is the result of a fall skate session around the streets of Etown.  Cool weather, gray skys and some big ollies, like this one.  Many a afternoons were spent similar to this one, cruising the asphalt in Elizabethtown, looking for things to jump off or hills to roll down.  This image captures one moment within the sum of those experiences — skating, college, Elizabethtown, friends, and flying, if only for a moment.

As my journey drew to a close I wandered across these statues.  Never wavering the statues stand vigilant through all forms of weather.  I picture them as guardians of the church, keeping steadfast the ideals of the Catholic faith.  These assumptions are most likely: WRONG.  But what does that matter. I used the states to take a picture, not preach.


Following hours of falling snow we ventured out into the after-math.  Not alone, we were joined by the City of LANC Municipal Waste trucks.  Ever vigilent; these trucks paved the way for cars to drive to places that were not open.  At least the roads were cleared…

Looming in the distance, St. Joseph Church has sat on top of Cabbage Hill in Lancaster for over 100 years.  Built in 1840 and photographed in 2010, this church is a focal point for any South Western Lancasteronian.  Captured post-Blizzard 2010 part 3, this exposure was the culmination of a day filled with friends, food, beer, wings and attempts at street snowboarding.