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30 West Mt. Joy St.


I graduated college a year ago.  However, the greater part of this past year I still had a strong connection with Elizabethtown: ex-girlfriends, best friends, old jobs and an old, green house.

The green house, built circa 1950 during the good-times after the second world war.  The house, standing fast for over a half-century, has proven itself as the perfect venue for good times and mild debauchery.  This green house saw many a drunken student peeing in its yard, throwing up on its shutters and passing out on its floors.  The past four years, I was right there with it and so were the people in this photo.  Sharing many moments on that very porch, this was one of the last moments of how it was and how it will never be again.  Like the movie the Sandlot, we all have gone our separate ways and will undoubtedly stay close, however, we will no longer have the pale green house, nestled at 30 W. Mt. Joy St. to house our social activities.

Farewell to you Green House.



Everyone has that one friend.  They say: “hey wait I think I have a picture of that!” Then take 10-15 minutes of your time trying to find their piece of art.  It never looks good because it’s on a 3″ screen IF they have the iPhone. Which most people do (except me). Enjoy my collection of pictures, all from the past 2 years (give or take),  captured on my blackberry.  None of them are great quality but all of them have a funny little story and give you an idea of where I’ve been and the type of things I do.


Goose Island: Happy Ending

Into the Sunset

This post is dedicated to Andrew Hauser, purveyor of all that is right with this world.  He pointed out a key fallacy in my series of blog posts titled ” Goose Island.” There was no ending.  You cannot get anything past Andrew Hauser, just like you cannot get anything past the Penguins goalie Fleury (the games on right now and there are actually two goals scored on him so this analogy is moot but funny if you don’t like the Pens).  A combination of events have caused my blog posting to go on hiatus but upon some inspiration from Andrew Hauser I have decided to close the book on the Goose Island Saga.

Here it is.

We kicked goose ass and kayaked off into the sunset.  Just like any great adventure ends; into the sunset…