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South Central PA Climbing

Pennsylvania is a huge state.  Residents of Philadelphia live in Philadelphia county, which is .31% of the state of Pennsylvania.  That leaves about 45,913 square feet of land left to explore.

A few weeks back, some friends and myself ventured west to pedal our mountain bikes around Rays Town Lake.  On our way out of town, we found some rocks to climb up.

Shaffer Rock – The Hermitage

Our first stop, Shaffer Rock , lies just off the Appalachian Trail in the Michaux State Forest.   Some many options here and tons of great photo opportunities.  The shots below are a sequence of Len sending it.
Shaffer Rock-475

James Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park

If you didn’t know, now you know: America’s worst president has a state park commemorating his birthplace.  Rumor has it the route we climbed was actually climbed by young Jimmy a long, long time ago.  This is Joe sacking up before paying tribute to James Buchanan by slaying this rock face.

James Buchanan Birthplace-477

Some More Photos

Shaffer Rock-416 Shaffer Rock-421 Shaffer Rock-424 Shaffer Rock-438 Shaffer Rock-439 Shaffer Rock-471 Shaffer Rock-473 Shaffer Rock-474



Pittsburgh, Pistol-vania.

The streets are hard. The steel is harder.  Time spent in the steel city makes one tough.  Especially when chillen at places like “Mexican War Streets,” the HQ of former Crips and of course “Nicky’s Thai.”


Emotions come from deep, deep within.  Often our senses conjure these emotions from these depths.  Auditory, visual, savory or perhaps grazing a specific texture,  any sensory input can release a feeling that truly moves you.  Looking at this picture brings me back to another time.  I was calm, perched above the mighty Susquehanna as it meanders slowly through the glacier-scarred face of Pennsylvania.  The pastel streaked sky and warmth of the scene bring me home.

If I could be somewhere, it would be in this moment: warm, satiated and at ease.

Enjoy, please.